Memory issue causing Magento error making site unusable

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I have installed the M2EPro extension and been trying to configure it. My website now displays an error messasge;


There has been an error processing your request
Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons.

I asked my hosting company to investigate and they came back with;



I've logged onto the server and the logs are showing the following:
Aug 1 11:11:43 wsi-digital-06 suhosin[7401]: ALERT - script tried to increase
memory_limit to 536870912 bytes which is above the allowed value (attacker
'', file
line 303)

Having checked this it seems that the memory limit is set at 512 which seems
quite high.

You would need to investigate the memory issue with the plugin as per above. We
can increase the memory but as its quite high already its likely it would max
out again quite quickly (as its likely a memory leak rather that the plugin
actually requiring that much memory).


I am not sure if I need to push back on the hosting company and have them fixed the issue or if there is an issue with the M2EPro script?

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Usually errors regarded to memory limits are sent when there is no enough memory limit set on your hosting for proper work of synchronization. The minimal requirements for memory limit is 512MB but when you need to upload or update thousandths  of products in a bulk the memory limit should be increased. And here where you can have problems is a hosting company which is not willing to give more memory then minimal 512MB. Such companies do not really care of system requirements that your modules may need for correct work. You should ask hosting company to provide you higher memory limit.

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