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Recently I was out of the office and the M2Epro extension was working fine, but when I returned we had more than 40 orders not imported from

All the orders from were imported during that time, but none from the US site.

We also had 2 orders in Magento that were imported from but weren't updated as "shipped" on Amazon. In Magento I can see them with error code: " Amazon Order status was not updated. Reason: Account authorization is failed. Seller [A1924GACZ3UVK7] does not have access to the given marketplace [ATVPDKIKX0DER] "

The account wasn't blocked at that time, since we have received 40 orders after that. They were simply not imported in Magento. So the account was running fine, but the orders were not syncing. 

Any idea how we could fix this? 

Now our account is blocked by Amazon because of these 40 unshipped orders, but we are trying to have it unblocked. In the meantime we need to find a fix in order to the M2Epro extention to work again. Thanks

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Your problem sounds very similar to what I had in past. My Amazon uk account was suspended by Amazon for not completely clear reasons for me. I searched on the internet and came across this site We had to reactivate our Amazon account directly on Amazon. I think you should contact Amazon support to clarify date and ask them to explain reason of why your account got blocked. It could be other issue that was not anticipate. It would be nice for other sellers if you shared the information responded back from Amazon if there is any provided just  to know for future in order to be able to prevent the same situation happens again.



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