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Hi, can't help you fix this problem but there is a note about it in the M2Epro docs, I've copied it in below.  It is a problem with the Amazon API not M2E.  Maybe you could create the ASIN's with M2Epro then go into the products directly on Amazon and add the extra search terms

Please note, currently (on 24th of March, 2016) there are some diversity between providing the Search Terms directly through Seller Central (where the limit of character is 1 000) and through M2E Pro (where Amazon API accepts only 50 characters for one Search Term Value). It is caused by the different manner of the data providing. Perhaps, the limits would be increased by Amazon API in future.



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Here is the Amazon support reply


As per your concern I would like to inform you that you also can enter keywords with comma in flat file as well as manually. 

I would like to inform you that when you add keywords manually it will left you add only upto 250 keywords. You can test different terms to see what works best to surface your product.

For more information using search terms, please refer to:

I absolutely agree with your point that you are facing error as it is not allowing you to enter 1000 of keywords, however in feeds you can go ahead and enter 1000s of keywords. In the flat file please go ahead and enter the keywords by separating with commas. Please be informed that the flat file will let you add the keywords separating with comma.

I also would like to provide you help pages for more information regarding the same.

The reason we have only 250 keywords for add a product is add a product feature is mostly used by the individual seller who have limited access to the keywords , where as flat file can only be used by the professional seller and they have more privilege of entering more search terms . However the functionally of the search term is the same weather you use flat file or manual add a product. 

Please do not worry as you need to enter the most searchable term in manually which are easy for buyer to reach the product. But in case of feeds you can enter 1000s of keywords for buyers. 

Please be assured that we are here to make things easier for you and will do whatever we can to prevent you from bearing any kind of loss. It is certainly not our intention for our sellers to have anything but a pleasant experience at

Therefore, as you would like to add keywords using feeds, you can enter maximum 1000 keywords in one available column. If still have any issue regarding the same.Also kindly write back to us with the screen shot of the error which you are receiving while entering keywords. 


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