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M2E Pro Compatibility with multi-inventory setup

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Hi there,

I am a Magento developer that is currently running a Magento 1.9 store that uses the Aitoc - Multi-Location Inventory Module. We use this module so that our multi-store setup can have different inventory quantities for different websites.

Our store is represented in 2 different countries, Australia and the USA. We have two websites that cater for each customer base. While our websites have the same catalogs and items as they are in the same industry, they have different inventories as we have different stock levels in Australia and the USA.

My questions are

  • Does anyone have experience using these 2 modules together?
  • Does anyone have experience using M2E Pro with a different Multi-Location Inventory module?
  • Is there someone to talk to in regards to helping me create a compatibility module to allow these 2 modules to co-exist?

Kind Regards,


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Hello @Peter A

Thank you for asking a this query. Unfortunaltly I don't use the M2E pro extension but use a different extension related to inventory management. 

MageMob Inventory – a Magento 2 Inventory Management Extension helps you seamlessly manage different aspects of your store inventory along with the store backend from desktop and mobile.

Its exclusive features include:

  • Management of suppliers
  • Management of purchase orders
  • Management of inventory log and product stocks

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