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Amazon Orders Showing 0 or Double TAX on Invoice.

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OK, So eBay is all setup correctly and VAT is shown on the Invoice.

Regular Magento Orders are setup as 20% VAT which again shows correctly on the Invoice.


However, Amazon Orders are showing Tax as 0.00 (Both Excluding & Including Prices are shown as the same amount on the Invoice.

I have configured this to take VAT Settings from "Amazon Only" because before this was set to "Magento & Amazon" However this doubled up on VAT.


I have searched the forums / google & several others have had this issue and stated they contacted support who fixed it for them but did not tell them how...

I have contacted support and was told that the FREE plan does not include support so they can not help me..


If anyone could point me in the right direction to resolve this it would be much appreciated.

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I did not realize I could upgrade my plan to paid, I thought it was only a paid service once you reach the threshold, so I have upgraded and hopefully we will have this resolved ;)

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