Problem lising new ASIN with variations

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I am trying to list a new ASIN with variations to Amazon.  This is the first I have attempted.  The Parent ASIN has listed but when I try to list the child items I get problems.

I git several errors about specifics being wrong or missing, which I fixed one by one as they came up.  This was easy as it would tell me which specific was causing the problem.  Then after a while i got the following two errors

Value "", that were sent for one of the Specifics, is invalid, because it is possible to use only type "decimal". Please, enter a valid value according to the Specific type and try again.

The value set for one of specific is empty or invalid. Please set the correct value and try again.

After this I filled in every specific on Parent and child to make sure then I get the following error

100% of the products in your file did not process successfully. We recommend using Check My File to help you identify and correct common listing errors before updating your inventory. To use Check My File, upload your file on the "Add Products via Upload" page in the "Check My File" section.

Obviously I don't have access to the file so can't upload it. 

Anyone come across this or have any ideas?


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The first error means that the value of one of the attribute, which you provided in description policy as a source of some of option, is ampty or has incorrect value. From my own experience when I got this error it appered that value of attribute I set as a source of weigh included text instead of numeric as it is required for such type of option. You need to check values of attributes which you set up in policy for each simple product variation. As for the second error I am not sure but I think that is related to the setting provided in descrition policy. You need to fill all the required properly. Then try to list options again.

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Hi, thanks a lot for replying to this message.

Actually I sent it to Amazon support and they helped me fix it.  The problem was that for each child item it was missing attributes for




These fields are mandatory for the particular category I was selling in.

They said for the parent product only the following attributes are mandatory

SKU, Title, Brand, Feed Product Type, Browse Node, Parentage, Variation

Thanks again

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