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Hi guys, a client of mine is having an issue with the Magmi M2e Plugin, I've quoted his query below. If anybody could give me any help with this I'd be extremely grateful.

Hi Rhys

No, having no joy with M2EPro I'm afraid.  I am assuming that I should have the M2Epro changer inspector checked in the magmi list of item processors?

However, when I check that and run any of the profiles, Magmi just "sits" and doesn't progress
When I cancel the job and return to the configuration page, uncheck the M2E inspector and save/run the profile, the Magmi import works. However it does not update M2Epro stocks for Amazon/eBay


As we can see below, the MAGENTO quantity has updated with the product import but the M2EPRO quantity has not and the item is still inactive on marketplaces




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Hi Alan,

Your client seems to be using an outdated version of the plugin - 1.0.4., the latest available one is 1.0.8. Try to upgrade the plugin, it could be the reason why the qty changes are not caught by M2E

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