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Hi everybody,

I am using MySQL to query data from our Magento database. 

The table m2epro_amazon_order contains general information on each order (order_id, amazon_order-id, buyer_name, buyer_email, shipping_address ...). However, it does not contain information on which product has been sold. 

Then, there is the table m2epro_amazon_order_item with the products sold. Each has an order_item_id an an amazon_order_item_id. 

The question is, how do I connect those two tables as there is no obvious foreign key in m2epro_amazon_order_item that refers to m2epro_amazon_order. Is there a "bridge" across other tables that allows me to join this information?

Looking forward to your replies!




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m2epro_order record + m2epro_amazon_order record = completed record

m2epro_order_item record + m2epro_amazon_order_item  record = completed record


you should consider these tables together, assuming, that they have one-to-one relation.

if you undestand this you will find an answer of your question himself.

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