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we are a company based in germany. We have some products on
Now we try to setup the shipping price based on the product weight. We enter the weight in the product mask / product attribute "weight".
After this we entered the shipping rates per kg in ebay for germany.

In the field "Type" we have only 2 values: "Flat: same cost to all buyers" and "No Shipping: Local pickup only". We select the first one.
I see in the M2EPro Help this image:

In this image i see the option: "Calculated: cost varies by buyer location" But we have NOT this option! This is the reason why we chose "Flat: some cost to all buyers"!

In the next step we setup the "Add Shipping Method". We leave the requiered "cost" field with "0" Value. Because we cant setup here a fixed shipping price, we need shipping cost based on weight. For all settings please also check the attached image.

We cleared all caches and reindex the product. We also resend the products to ebay.
But no effect to shipping prices in the ebay products. Ebay show message: "shipping is free".

Could you tell me what is wrong? How we can setup shipping rates based on the product weight?
Do you have any idea what is wrong?

Thank you and best wishes from germany




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Hi Tommy,

Good question, we also have the same problem. I think the issue lies in that eBay expects the weight format to be in two separate fields, i.e kg and grams , M2Epro seem to have overlooked this in the development, so the weight attribute which is used by M2Epro and sent to eBay doesn't register, as it is setup as kg g  all in the same field. So when that falls through the shipping rate table is not brought into play.

It would seem that M2Epro need to implement an eBay specific weight attribute which is two separate fields, and not use the product weight as it is default set in Magento.

I had a play in File Exchange and you can revise the weight for the item here using WeightMajor WeightMinor Weight Unit , where WeightMajor is the kg value, WeightMinor is the grams value and WeightUnit is kg . This did in work in revising the product weight, BUT  the shipping table rate that we had specified stopped working despite all of the settings when viewed in eBay being the same. So this is for your info only and please don't revise all of your items like this as they may well become broke. I only tried on a single product that is a dispensable listing and for testing purposes only. 

I've raised a ticket so am waiting to hear back from them. I'll keep you posted if I get a solution.

Good Luck!



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@Tommy  Unfortunately, you cannot setup shipping price based on the product weight on eBay DE.

The eBay does not offer "Calculated shipping"option in all countries. It is just available in some particular countries ( i.e. USA, Australia, etc). It is not available in Germany,UK, etc.

@Rich M  If you are using a Magento Attribute to define the calculated shipping weight, use decimal values. For example, for 1 kg and 750 gram, use the value 1.75. The value from the attribute is taken and then split to be sent to eBay as 2 separate fields.


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There is no way to adjust shipping cost varies by product weigh using one of shipping methods suggested. Such a goal can be achieved by setting up eBay shipping rate table directly on eBay. Then you need to apply this rate table in Shipping policy you use for listings. To do this you need to set Yes for 'The ebay shipping rate' option. In this case the shipping cost will be calculated according to rates provided on eBay.

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