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Hi guys, when the order comes from Amazon it shows Shipping Service: Std UK Dom.

I want to use Magento shipping methods as those tie into the warehouse shipping workflows. 

Where in the settings I can specify the shipping methods to use from Amazon (I have GLS & UPS and I don't see those listed in the Shipping policies dropdown. Currently I don't have any shipping policies configured)?

Where can I edit the shipping method on the order?


shipping policies setup.jpg

amazon order example.jpg

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Shipping policies will be deprecated as far as I know, so no need to care about them anymore. Even though you couldn't set your own shipping methods there, they just correspond to the Amazon ones. Furthermore the shipping service you see is the only information you get from Amazon. As far as I know you can not let the Amazon customer choose between gls and ups but only between standard, premium, prime shipping etc. (Correct me if I am wrong) so there is no information on what carrier you should use. If this is true, than you have to write your own logic to map STD Dom UK or STD int, or something like that to your carrier to suit your warehouse requirements. Your developer may hook into the order creation process and change the shipping method information from Amazon/m2e to your own shipping methods/carrier

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