Can't list products on eBay - EAN number

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Hi there,

I am not able to list products on eBay, when I try it gives me an error: "The EAN field is missing. Please add EAN to the listing and try again. If you’re using our mobile app, make sure you have version 5.1 or higher."

I am on the latest version of M2EPRO on Magento.  I have tried going in to Sell on eBay --> Configuration --> Policies --> Edit the Description Policy and set the "EAN" under eBay Catalog Identifiers" to "Does Not Apply", but I still get the same message.

The products I am listing do not have EAN numbers, I am listing refrigeration items in to the following eBay category:
Business, Office & Industrial > Restaurant & Catering > Refrigeration

I have also tried creating a custom attribute and setting it to be the EAN Number and tried using a fake EAN Number (as my products don't have any) but that still gave me the same error message.

Anybody know how to fix/get around this?

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To start with it is not recommended to put the fake value of ean code since ebay validates this data and return the error if the bar-code is not valid. For sellers who sell the products which do not have bar-code the option Does not apply must be selected in description settings. In case the error is still returning after the description policy was updated you need to make sure that this exact description policy is used for listings where the items are added. You can do it by pressing the Edit Settings button on the right top of the listing grid and selecting the Selling option. In the new window you will be able to check what description settings are set up. It may happen that some custom settings were applied. 

The other setting that must be checked is whether the listing settings are used for all products in the listing. For this you need to switch to Setting view mode and check the records in Selling Settings column. Make sure that for all the products the description configurations are used from listing settings. More information and examples you will find here

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EAN Number is given by the GS1 organization. If you are a manufacturer you can apply for get your products ean number. It has so many advantages in retail industry.


If, it's not possible, edit description setting, the above answer of J.B is described, how to do it.

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