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Is there a way to create the magento order only once the ebay item is marked as shipped?

We are syncing magento with our point of sale system and at the moment a sale will come through after the register is closed one day, and not appear on the next days register. (becuase it come through the previous day)

If orders were only created once once marked as shiped it would solve this issue for us.


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There is no option you can configure in m2e to create magento order automatically after it was shipped on eBay. The latest moment when magento can be created automatically is when the ebay order was marked as paid and invoice was created. This option can be configured in Sell on eBay - Configuration - accounts tab - Orders tab in account configurations - Order creation rules section. If it is still too early for you the only workaround for you could be to disable magento order creation in order settings and create magento order manually after the shipping details were provided for eBay order. 

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