How to create magento order including tax?

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Hi there,

we are using the Australian ebay site. We are registered for GST so everything we sell on ebay includes 10% tax.

ebay sales are shown in M2E pro with 0% and $0 tax.

When magento orders are created they don't include tax also which carries through to our accounting system which is incorrect.

How do I get M2e to create Magento orders with the the ebay sales price to include 10% tax?

I tried the VAT feature but it did nothing (probably because I'm not in one of the VAT countries)

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The tax settings which are used in magento order depend on the 'order tax settings' set up in account configurations. You can configure the tax settings so that the magento tax rules were applied to the price during magento order creation process. For this you need to select the tax source which will be used for magento order as Magento. Go to Order tab in account configurations and scroll down to Order Tax Settings section

Plus, I would recommend you to make sure that Magento order cost is configured to show prices Including TAX  in System -> Configuration -> Sales -> TAX. If the option configured as Exclude the tax will be added to the product price and the price in magento order will differ from ebay product price.

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