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Does anyone sync Magento / M2Epro with Quickbooks?

We have this setup, however as Quickbooks pulls through orders placed via eBay / Amazon with the same payment identifier "m2epro payment" then we have to differentiate these manually within quickbooks, which is become a time consuming task due to the volume of orders, so we are wondering if there is a way to set payment methods based on the channel e.g. m2epro payment - ebay / m2epro payment - amazon or if there is another workaround for this.

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I do not think it is possible to differentiate orders by payment method. However, you can do this by order number that is generated dependently on account settings. If you access to account configurations and switch to Order tab you will be able to provide settings for magento order number where you will be able to add prefix to magento order number (e.g. eBay for ebay orders and amazon for amazon ones). 

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