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Importing 3rd Party Listings

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I have m2e running with Magento 2.3.2, I have a existing ebay store with 80+ items for sale which are now 3rd party listings. This is great, if I sell on ebay it updates magento, but it doesn't revise the 3rd party listing if I sell via magento, tested both back end and front end sales and checked the sync setup is correct.


I read somewhere that to get the quantity sync going both ways you need to move the listing from a 3rd party listing to be an m2e listing...  If i do this, will it remove my current ebay listing (which shows my sales volume and has watchers) and build out a completely new listing?

I tried to move an item i have sold recently but is a new 3rd party listing so i can trash it if needed, but when moving the listing to m2e it says "After you choose an M2E Pro Listing where you would like the 3rd Party Product to be moved, click on Move to This Listing link. In case, there is no suitable M2E Pro Listing available, press Add New Listing button to create a new one."


To me this reads as - Setup a new m2e listing, and once that's done we will remove your old one...


The bigger issue here is how ebay works and the ranking algorithms of how many sales you have had to where your product shows in a search result. If I trash a listing and it setups up a completely new one I will dramatically lose ebay sales which is a no go for me.





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