Compatibility M2epro and DHL Shipping

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Not a bug, but a question;

Has anyone here got Magento 2 running with DHL (Germany) and combined with M2epro? Anyone with problems with creating shipments from Ebay International orders? We cannot get it to work and DHL and M2epro point to each other.... The DHL create shipment label button is simply not there on those orders. It does work within Germany, and it does also work for Amazon international orders. Just NOT for Ebay international order.

Running M2 2.3.2 and latest versions of M2 and DHL Shipping...

I'm not a developer but just seeking for information on other experiences ....

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@sendur did you find a solution later on?

We have the problem, that non of the orders are creating shipments with DHL. We don't have the creat DHL shipment label button at all. It doesn't matter if international or national orders. Would be great if you can let us know what was the end of your story and  you were hopefully able to fix it.



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The problem was a wrong tax configuration in Magento. we put in the configuration correct and all orders M2ePro are now shipable with DHL

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