Can't find BRAND in dropdown for Manufacturer

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I know pretty well Magento and the M2E PRO extension but I have a small problem.

When I add a description policy, I select yes for ASIN creation if prodoct don't exist and the 2 mandatory fields : Brand and Manufacturer (may depend on your translation).

In my case, I can't find even one of these 2 attributes in the assigned dropdown. Why ? Do they need a special setting ? I assume that some items may have an empty brand. Is it enough to make the attribute disappear from this dropdown ?

These attributes exist and are shown underneath in another dropdown the ones for Search term value and Bullet Points Value.

Thanks for your help !


FireShot Screen Capture #318 - 'Description Policies.png

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The drop-down menu for Manufacture/Brand option  contain only common attributes. This means that the Attribute should be added to all attribute sets in your Magento to become available for selection. Check if the required attribute is in all attribute sets in magento catalog and add it the set where it is missing. 

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I am having a similar issue but still I receive " Item was not added, Brand is missing. "

I already see my attribute name corresponding the Brand which is "Marka" and this is already filled out in Magento product detail. (marka means brand in Turkish).

And manufacturer is also filled out in the product detail with manufacturer

Here is my magento product detail setting


Here is my m2epro description policy setting



I did everything I know. Including creating new listing and description policy. Why do I still receive this error message? Any idea?

Thanks a lot in advance


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