no shipping cost in magento order

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we use Magento Ver. and M2e Pro in latest version to sell products on ebay.
Sometimes M2E Pro create order without shipping cost, but shipping cost is placed in magento and ebay:

  • We setup international shipping rules per kgs in shipping table rules on ebay page for national and international shipping.


  • After this we setup M2E Pro settings in magento for international shipping.
    We click Yes for "Use eBay Shipping Rate Table".
    In the dropdown Mode i select "Free" because i can not skip this settings and use only the shipping rate table. :-(



Now we have a problem with shipping cost in magento order and invoice.
Sometimes M2E Pro create a international order without shipping cost.

When i open the order in M2E Pro "Sell on Ebay -> Sales" here i can see the correct 13.90 Euro for shipping.

When i open the order in magento menu "Sales -> Orders" the order have no shipping cost.

Here you found the order without shipping cost despite the fact that we setup shipping cost in magento/m2e pro and in ebay shipping rules.
"Shipping & Handling Information: eBay Shipping - DHL Paket International €0.00"

The grand order value include the shipping cost, but in shipping information box there is: "0,00" Euro for shipping. In this case the bill pdf in magento do not show shipping cost
The order pdf and invoice also do not show the shipping cost.

I hope you can help us with more information to solve this problem.

Thank you very much and have a good day.
Best wishes

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Same Problem here.
Not a single m2e order can push shipping cost to newly created magento order while there is clearly a valid dataset in the m2e order you can view by clicking on "show ebay order"
did you already get a fix running?


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If the shipping cost is imported in the order from the channel, M2E must communicate the value to Magento. I mean this is how it works for us. Do you use any additional modules to manage shipment? Have you checked if your other Magento extensions do not control the shipping cost calculation in Magento sales? You might want to ask M2E Pro support guys for help with this, just explain the problem and send them the Magento user login so they could check it for you. They might notice something you do not see and point you to the right place. 

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