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Hi All,

I am looking to use a custom HTML template for our eBay listing, however I cannot figure out where or how to select a template. Also does M2E support tags like Title, Description etc that can be used on templates.

Thanks in advance


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Go to Sell On Ebay > Configuration > Policies, and open up your Description policy.

Under Description, choose Custom Value, then click the link to "View/Edit Custom Description".

The large text area is the field where you can paste your HTML listing template.

You can use tags to be replaced with dynamic content, such as:




I hope that helps.



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the dynamic content is basically the attribute names, so #short_description# will output the short description. Jusy make sure that if you have several storeviews that your ebay specific storeview has the attribute filled in for that product.

However, I would like to know if its possible to pull in the images from M2, as we want to setup our own image gallery within the template. If not, we'll have to setup some custom attributes to house the image url's, but thats quite a workaround.

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