Listing of Child-Products by Amazon (stock qty)

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Good evening,

the listing of child products on AMAZON by using M2E works quite good.

But the available quantity will not shown correct.
If I have choosen the main product in M2E i can open a new window by clicking on "Manage Variations".
Than all child products will be shown in this new window.

But I do not unterstand how M2E get the QTY?
This shown numbers are totally wrong and the coresponding Magento article has totally diffrent QTY.

Pls. can anybody help me where M2E gets this QTY-Information?

Picture attached to this  post.




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Guest rachelcbz

these qty values are usually taken from Magento child products' qty or attribute that you specified in M2E Selling Policy.

If you use Conditional Revise, the qty will be updated only after product qty corresponds the provided condition. I use it set to 10, so my products qty is updated only if it is less than 10 in Magento.

Check this article out.

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