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Adding ASIN back to Magento product

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I could not find any information if it is possible for M2E after generating he ASIN with Amazon to feed that information back to the Magento product. We have a Magento attribute for the ASIN but do not want to have to manually copy/paste the ASIN into the product attributes once M2E automatically listed it on Amazon from Magento. Basically we want the following process:

Make a product on Magento with an empty attribute for ASIN -> M2E takes product, makes listing for Amazon and generates an ASIN -> M2E reports back the ASIN and writes it into the empty Magento attribute.

Can this b done somehow?

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Well, M2E Pro solution works by taking information that you choose for your listing from Magento Catalog and sending it to the marketplaces. Changing any information in your Magento is not a purpose here. That's why you can’t find information about your question.

I suppose feeding Magento with the ready ASINs is something your developers could do. After your products are assigned with ASINs, you can take that information from the database and put it in Magento attribute. That way, it would be something similar to the process that you want.

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