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media_gallery For some reason, the #media_gallery# does not show the base image. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just the way it works?

multi-select attributes layout the template from multiselect attributes is just a comma separated list with no spaces: "att1,att3,att7" instead of "att1, att2, att3". UGLY!

multi-select attributes store view problem the template from multiselect attributes only pulls from the Admin store view... not from the store view specified by the listing template... is this a bug? How do we report bugs?



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Image tag in description policy like #media_gallery#  is not correct. It should be rather like #media_gallery[,,,0,row,0,"",]#. This tag is generated automatically if you use standard image insertion feature.

All the values from multi-select attributes layout are separated by comma without spaces. Unfortunately! The only way to have spaces between all the values is to put the space in attribute itself in front of name.

Multi-select attributes store view problem - most likely the attribute options for different store views were not set up into attribute configurations. The admin values are used in case there is no values for specific store view.

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