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Disable sync on development system

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we are copying our productive Magento 2 shop to a test environment for developing.

What is the best way to stop the synchronisation of the developing system with the live ebay account? Is there even a command line approach we can add in to our copy script?

I can not switch the Ebay account to a sandbox account, since it is grayed.



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If you have both live and staging domain sites under the same license, you should know that two instances with the same M2E Pro setup can lead to double synchronization. To avoid any duplicates you should disable all the synchronization. 
Eg. If you are not going to use M2E Pro in one of the instances - you can disable M2E Pro (System > Configuration > Channels). Or if you are planning to use M2E Pro on both instances you should disable Inventory synchronization and Magento orders creation. You can disable it here:  marketplace > Configuration > Synchronization / Accounts.

In case you want to test on another account you need to delete your live account first (BUT please note that you should do it JUST via Database (NOT via the interface!) because otherwise your live instance account may be affected, if you delete it from the test instance then it will not work in your live instance ) and after you will be able to add a Sandbox account.

Good luck.


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