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Andy M

Can't get products to list on Amazon.

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I'm trying to list plants on Amazon. I have barcodes, bought and paid for from GS1 but can't get anything to list. Errors include 'ItemPackageQuantity' needs to not be 0 (it's 1, or sometimes I don't even have it selected), 'barcode isn't recognised'. I have tried the bear minimum of settings - all the 'required' ones look OK. The only thing I can think of is the barcode. We are using EAN-13 barcodes - does M2epro need the whole 13 digits, or just the first 12 (as Amazon does with manual product creation)? Otherwise I don't know what else to try.

Settings at the moment.

Description policy - Marketplace: UK, CategoryHome & Garden > Garden & Outdoors > Categories > Plants, Seeds & Bulbs > Outdoor Plants > Herbs (4224857031), New ASIN/ISBN creation: Yes, Product ID override: No, UPC/EAN: Barcode (my magento attribute). 

No 'Specifics' selected.

The brands and manufactures are custom values, price is price, description is 'short description' and image is image. Every else is left as is.

Any insight into what I might be doing wrong would be gratefully received.

As a post-script, it's also taking an hour and half from listing the product, to M2epro telling me that it can't be listed. Is this normal? TIA



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Hey Andy,

I know that M2E allows 12 or 13 digit EAN, but it is very important that the code is valid (you can check the validation using the UPC validator). 

And the 'ItemPackageQuantity' is always better keep set to “None" in your Description policy. 

Recently I had kind of the same case and I checked Amazon drafts where I was able to adjust some attributes. Try to do the same.

And yes I know, it takes some time to list the product on Amazon because Amazon submits and checks the product data.



Good luck.

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