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product template fields filling incorrect info into eBay listings - Server overload?

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I am using M2e for eBay listings.

I have developed a category product template that applies to over 5,840 of my products.

When I initially listed the items - the template worked fine. They were posted in batches of 100 to 500 at a time.

A week later I needed to revise the listings.

I followed the procedure.

Selected all the  listings and chose "Revise on eBay" from the pull down menu.

The items revised - however; there was a problem.

On the template I had added several Custom Labeled fields to show the preceding and superseding (additional) part numbers the item may have over and above the primary part number.


Additional Part Reference 2):

Additional Part Reference 3):

Additional Part Reference 4):

Additional Part Reference 5):

In the vast majority of items most of these fields would not have data so should not appear on the eBay listing or be  blank. 

This was the case when the items were first listed using the template. Both the eBay listing and all template data / descriptions were fine.

Those that had data in the appropriate fields showed the data correctly both on the standard eBay listing data fields and on the template form that was generated and inserted into the listing by M2e .



Under the eBay data fields:  "Item specifics"

all of the fields "Additional Part Reference"  2,3,4&5 appeared.

Instead of being blank (no data) or having a part number (as intended) The M2e template attributes, "Additional Part Reference 2): Thru 5? are appearing listed under "Item Specifics" and are showing my shipping zip code. "14092" in all 4 of the fields.



Item Specifics

Condition:                                                                           Used Condition. May show some wear.

Additional Part Reference 2):                                          14092

Additional Part Reference 3):                                          14092

Additional Part Reference 4):                                          14092

Additional Part Reference 5):                                          14092

Brand:                                                                                   BMW


NOTE: "14092"  is my US shipping zip code.

The ZIP CODE  is the last option on the list of pull down attributes before any newly created custom label attributes appear on the M2e template menu.

It would appear the program grabbed the ZIP CODE data instead of resolving the desired customized data that was added to the template attributes.

So, the question is why was the "Zip Code" data inserted instead of the custom field attribute data?, and how do I correct this without deleting the listing?

NOTE: I add a lot of custom attributes to my M2e category templates and have to revise my eBay inventory often. Is there a rule of thumb to follow?

This just looks like a typical server error where the server had too much data to juggle.

Is there a limit to the number of revisions one can make at one time?

If so, what is that recommended maximum number 100, 1,000 2,500?

Please let me know.

Any other insight is welcome.

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