Amazon listing problems - Value "0", that were sent for the Specific "NumberOfItems", is invalid. Please, enter a valid value and try again.

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Hello M2E-User, 

I have a very strange problem that I need your help with. We sell concentrates, among other things. These concentrates are packed in bottles of 0.2 liters. Therefore, we entered the quantity 0.2 in the attribute field. We have to do this because we have to show the base price as customer information for 1.0 liters.

However, this now means that our products are not listed on Amzon. Because the NumberOfItems must not be less than zero.

Is there a solution to our problem?

I would really appreciate your support.

Best wishes

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Alexander, are you sure that NumberOfItems is the proper specific for this? As I know it's Amazon requirement to set number more than 1 there cause it's not about the volume but about the number of items.

Have you searched for some more appropriate specific for it? for example size?

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Hi Maxxx, 

many thanks for your replay. 
It seems I have found the Problem. 

Amazon has two diffrent values: NumberOfItems and Number Units.

I have changed my Attributes and now I hope it will work.

Tomorrow I will know more.

Thanks in advance


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