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Bob N

Parts Compatabilty Useless

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I am not sure who developed the parts compatibility features in m2e. The system is very non user friendly and impossible to keep up to date.

Basic Functions that would be ideal.

1) When adding vehicles to parts compatibility store the vehicle information not just the pid number.

2) Allow to choose multiple parts to apply new parts compatibility. The current way creates even more steps :(

Why is this important?

If you have thousands of products like we do. Every year when new vehicles come out you have to update this data.

When you look at the part in m2e that you have assigned vehicle compatibility to you see something like this. pid 67,68,71,84,874,54,8987,568,3488,5658

This means noting to anyone except the database field, so for example a  Ford Mustang GT 2009 is a pid 67. Put that info in the system.

So when you look at the product compatibility information it lists something like this.

Ford Mustang GT 2009

Ford Mustang LX 2009

Ford Mustang GT 2010

Ford Mustang LX 2010

Have a look at eBay parts compatibility it is done this way and works.

Lastly , What is street name?






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