Your listing is successful but there's a problem with your Gallery picture.

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Second time trying to get M2E work but second time same error.

Listing items to Ebay, setting about image was at first to use Gallery up to 5, I dont really need it but I set it up like this. Sending 15 ads to Ebay and get this error (see screenshots). After I went to setting and I set up NO Gallery and I revised all listing through app but nothing changed on ebay.

Please advise. 

I really like the idea to export products fast but this thing is annoying

2017-04-21_13-51-44 2.png


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Any solution for it? In my case i am using Ebay API AddItems to list the items (More then 4000 listings each day) and facing this issue, sometimes it has lower ratio but exist. It affect my sales also. Any Auto process to fix this?

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Nous avons eu ce problème. La solution dans notre a été de supprimer le port ajouté au nom de domaine.

Si l'on passe dans l'URL un numero de port Ebay ne sait pas afficher correctement les images dans la galerie.

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