How does FBA Work with M2Epro


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Is there a doc on this somewhere?  My questions is what happens with the FBA inventory.  Is it 'synced' with our existing inventory or help separately?  How does M2Epro know we have FBA inventory?  What about orders, how do we know the FBA vs. the FBM?

Just a few questions :)

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I asked M2E Support Team and they told me that they provide limited support for AFN inventory and FBA Orders. For instance, it is possible to list all your Products as MFN and than get them switched to AFN. Also, you can import the Orders. Moreover, in your Account Settings, you can enable the option of managing Stock Inventory of Products fulfilled by Amazon (FBA Orders) and Magento Orders creation.

They also informed me, that support of FBA orders will be available in next releases.

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the only way I can see it can be done in the current version for Magento v1 is to make a duplicated Magento product with the FBA stock level you have designated to send to Amazon, and there is an option in m2e amazon listing > order settings to import fba orders and manage fba stock.

Seems like it could get complicated pretty fast if you have a lot of stock to manage though, but it seems that is often the way things end up.

anyone get any others ideas?

My main issue is I have many items under £5 so to make FBA worthwhile I think I would have to sell them in pairs or sets of four which adds another level of complication to stock levels and inventory value management.

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