Products are coming through without VAT oddly through Magento

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Hi there, hope you can help we use M2e pro for both Amazon and Ebay order syncing to our website. 

Over the last day, we ran into an issue with some images not showing (to do with a caching issue server side)

I added these back in but was unable to save some due to the EAN numbers being required (when I cilck save it would then say it would have to be unique) The reason I am mentioning this is because I then deleted around 3 of the eans and I am wondering if this has caused the issue

After this  - I also ran an inventory sync from the m2e pro amazon connection. 

That is however all that has been changed.

Basically orders are coming in now from Amazon (it is just amazon being affected) , as a grand total without VAT showing (price is right through Amazon, and the right amount is taken but the orders are coming through as a grand total without vat (the products themselves) 

See the two attachedments one from Amazon order, then the one print screen from what Magento displays. 


It is affecting sales because we cannot give vat invoices from this  - can someone help please? It would be good to know why this is caused so I can make sure it does not happen again - nothing apart from what I mention above has been touched so it is a bit perplexing. 

Any help is much appreciated! 



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Hi Kelly

So what you are saying is that Amazon order in M2E Pro does not contain VAT? This order data is returned from the channel API. M2E Pro receives the order and displays the details. VAT seems to be not included in the order details when it is imported into the extension. If the tax is not present in Amazon order, you can use tax rules set in Magento, based on them, vat will be calculated for your Magento orders. 

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