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Hi all,

Within each shipping policy there is a "package details" section and within that section re m2e docs there should be a "Package Size Source" drop down.

The " Package Size Source" drop down / select never appears no matter what else is selected within the shipping policy.

It should only appear when m2e is set in  "advanced mode", which it is. ( cache cleared , logged in out , turned on / off , re indexed, not complied, re installed m2e).


(M2E Pro ver. 6.4.10)

magento version


I need to be able to set this as "Large Package".

Not setting this causes ebay listings to default to letter ( ebay default template is set as " Large Package"). The result of this is the extra shipping in a ebay shipping table is not added for special areas ie highlands and islands.

I am told by ebay that no ebay template can be called by a third party tool due to the new update of ebay.

I can not bulk edit on ebay as new items etc would still have the wrong setting.

The weight from the same section in the policy " Package Details) is passed correctly to ebay for each item.

Any ideas ?



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Option 'Package Size Source' appears only when in International Shipping section for option 'Type' you select 'Calculated: Cost Varies by buyer location'. Did you try this option for shipping type option? This option is not supported for every eBay market place. Only for US, CA and AU you can select Calculated shipping type.

However, if you are using Shipping Rate Tables this option is not useful for you for correct calculation of shipping cost. Cost depends on Postage Rate you selected on ebay (Item, weight or surcharge). Shipping Rate set up in shipping Tables on ebay will be applied to listings if you activate the option eBay Shipping Rate tables in shipping policy.

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Option 'Package Size Source' appears only when  …….   Never appears in m2e no matter what is selected.   Not an option for ebay UK re m2e but is an option for UK re ebay themselves.

Yes using shipping rate tables, but that is the original problem that the shipping rate tables are not applied to any item where the package type is “letter” so the extra carriage from ebay shipping rate table will never be added.

Change it to “large Package” and all works OK.

From M2e Support which does not help either. "You list items on the eBay site UK where such an option is not supported. For UK market place you can set the shipping type as Freight: Large Items in Shipping policy to ship large parcels."

Doing this causes.

1, makes no difference to parcel type on ebay

2, removes size and weight options as well

3, causes an error and wont talk to eBay


Am I missing something here ?


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