Need Image Gallery to generate HTTPS links

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Per the email that was sent out to sellers on August 31st, starting in October, Google Chrome "will begin displaying the message "Not Secure" in the address bar when users visit standard HTTP pages or HTTPS pages that include non-secure HTTP content."

But when you insert the image gallery into a description using m2e, it uses HTTP:// to link to the product images.

How can I have it use HTTPS:// instead?


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Yes definitely interested in this as well.  It's currently the only thing we have left to complete to pass all checks for the upcoming requirements/recommendations

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Well, for us, we had just went ahead and simply changed our Magento site's backend setting to use HTTPS on for non-secure pages etc. as well, just a blanket "Everything" (System->Configuration->(under 'GENERAL' tab)->Web->'Unsecure' setting)  -----

----- After the change it passes all validation as images being served to the M2e gallery as well are all https-based by default now.  Figuring since seemingly not just the upcoming and ongoing changes for Google Chrome browser itself (https://security.googleblog.com/2016/09/moving-towards-more-secure-web.html), but the web generally as a whole are/eventually will all be going this route, might as well just opt for https-ing it for all pages/media etc.  That was our decision/solution for it all.

If any of you out there choose this simple and very easy route you can of course still trigger the Automatic (or Manual, depending on your Sync settings) updates for all your M2e listings by making any kind of random/insignificant change to your master Listing/Description template(s).  After you had of course made the quick Magento http-to-https backend change noted above first, it will then convert everything over, including for the M2e image galleries.  Perfect.  The guys here at M2e may just simply release an official update that addresses this, but, again, looking at everything else beyond ebay/Google etc. here currently, we just simply went ahead and did it all this way permanently moving forward instead.


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Going official route by switching store to FULL-SITE HTTPS is a good move, BUT it's not as easy as just switching HTTP to HTTPS in setting.
few issues:
1. Not all templates are fully designed to withstand HTTPS changes, may or may not require editing.
2. Not all extension may work well on front-end given full-site HTTPS is enabled.
3. Magento 1.9.x end of life could be issued anytime, investing heavily to make website HTTPS compliant may not make financial sense (its very subjective point, to each their own).

I have personally noticed that if you update or change product images in products and the revise or list these product to eBay, the images pull via HTTP protocol.  I am not sure whether eBay October 2017 changes  affect how we upload product images from M2E to eBay, and whether we still be able to list products where images pull via HTTP as they do right now. I want to make it clear that by product images upload I mean gallery images, NOT images that are embed as part of product description. 
If your images as part of product description DO contain HTTP, then YES you will have problems and eBay will show non secure warning (i).

I hope M2E Pro developers will provide a workaround for those store that run Front-end'with HTTP but back-end with HTTPS. In most such cases images CAN be view and puller either with HTTP OR HTTPS prefix, its a matter of a settings that M2EPro should enable. It's just by default if your front end is HTTP then images pull as HTTP.

Basically, as long as you have SSL certificate installed, even though you front-end runs with standard HTTP. M2E devs should make an option to pull images as HTTP or HTTPS without store owned manually switching website to FULL-SITE HTTPS and investing $$ into development and bug fixes.


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