MPN has an invalid value of "4022573098525". Please try again.


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Hi Guys,

We have been receiving this issue since around the 14th of Sept and believe it is related to this article :

I have checked the EAN number : 4022573098525 which is being returned as invalid using the GTIN checker here :

and against the information provided here :

and the number seems valid to me. We are running version 4.6.10 of the m2e pro extension.

Has anyone else had these issues or can you point me in the direction of a possible resolution?

Kind Regards,



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Found the answer after a bit of digging.

The MPN is set as an additional setting here :

and was causing an issue due to the new policies described in the first article in my original post.

Hope this info helps someone else in the same scenario.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Thanks a lot for bringing this up here. 
eBay indeed updated the product identifier requirements in autumn. The problem should have been temporary. In a little while, M2E guys also updated eBay category changes on their server. It helped one of my clients. 

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