Delete eBay account from M2E, what happens?


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We use M2E to sync orders and inventory with eBay. We’ve recently created a new staging instance of our Magento site. When we copied our production database to our staging environment our  Magento staging instance was syncing with our production eBay account, so we disabled automatic inventory sync in the Magento/M2E staging. We’ve configured the staging server to connect with an eBay sandbox account. In order to test the inventory sync from our Magento staging instance to our eBay sandbox account we need to delete the production M2E eBay account from our Magento staging instance. When I attempt to delete the production account from staging I receive the following warning:

Attention! By Deleting Account you delete all information on it from M2E Pro Server. This will cause inappropriate work of all Accounts' copies.


I’m not entirely certain what this means. Before I delete this account from staging I’d like confirmation that there will be no unforeseen problems with my production M2E instance and production eBay account. It would be helpful to know exactly what information will be deleted from the staging Magento instance,  what will be deleted from our production eBay account, and what will be deleted from out production Magento instance. I assume this will remove the listings in staging M2E that are associated with the production account that were copied over from the production server. Is there anything else? Any help will be appreciated.

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