EAN: Attribute(s) EAN were not found in this Product and its value was not sent.

Juval UG

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Hello! I'm listing a variational product on eBay that actually has EANs listed on the products; I am sending the "father" product along (and not its sons) - but it keeps on failing for the EAN reason.


The EAN is correctly set up in the description policy - this is the list of log errors ( in chronological order) :

The Product was Listed as a Simple Product as it has limitation for Multi-Variation Items. Reason: eBay Catalog Primary Category allows to list only Simple Items.

EAN: Attribute(s) EAN were not found in this Product and its value was not sent.

Feld EAN fehlt. Fügen Sie EAN zum Angebot hinzu und versuchen Sie es erneut.


Could it be that it's trying to send the "father" product (which has no EAN since it's a configurable product) and getting that error? Obviously it will fail without an EAN if m2epro didn't send it - but why is it not sending it?


Should I just send the simple products rather than the variational?


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Well, in my opinion, you should check that you have changed your eBay Primary Category (it supports Variational Items).
Check if the attribute for EAN in your Description Policy coincides with the one in your product. Bu the way, if you use the custom attribute check that you have provided correct values (EAN) for appropriate Website (your listing). EAN value has to be in your child products.
Hope, it was of help.

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