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I'm hoping somebody is going to be able to offer me some advice. I am experiencing a issue with M2E pro importing somes orders from eBay

If the customer purchases a product from 1 listing and checks out everything is perfect, VAT appears to show on Invoice (as per listing configuration)

If the customer purchases single products from multiple listings and checks out under one transaction, all products are imported into Magento with 0% VAT, however if any delivery charges apply, this will import with VAT Applied on the delivery fee. I end up with only VAT showing on shipping. 
I would appreciate any advice or support to resolve this issue, we process a large number of transactions and it is causing us a accounting nightmare

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Have you checked such parameters in all the necessary Listings as:

  • VAT Source (Magento, eBay, eBay/Magento);
  • Tax: Including/Excluding?

btw, what marketplace are you listing on?

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we would need to separate Ebay orders on the basis of the different ebay selling channels.


So that we can be aknowledge about how many orders we receive from Ebay.IT /Ebay.FR / Ebay.NL / etc……

The same as we do with Amazon orders.


Can we do it also with Ebay orders ? Why not ?


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Yes but we need to create magento orders with Ebay code creating a prefix for every Ebay Selling Channel.

This is possible for Amazon orders and we do it; but i can't do it for Ebay Orders.


Can you ?

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