Will changing my SKU in Magento affect eBay listings?


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I'm in the process of standardising all our company's data, which means creating a standard SKU format for all products. I'm concerned that changing the SKU in Magento may break the link created by M2E Pro to eBay. I tried looking through the documentation but couldn't find if it's linked by SKU or by Magento ID (or something else).

Is there any info I should know about before changing SKUs?

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11 hours ago, neutrino said:


As far as I know, it should not affect your eBay Items. eBay also pays an attention to EAN and UPC, so I think you don't need to worry about that)

Thanks for that. So are you saying I can change SKU, UPC & EAN with no repercussions? That data would just get passed through to eBay?

So is the common link the Magento product ID?

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