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I'm looking to migrate M2E Pro from Magento 1 to an alternative Magento-based platform which does not allow access to the database. I understand you would possibly rip out the tables from Magento 1 and then update the tables on the new platform to migrate M2E Pro, however, this isn't an option.

Is there an easy way to do this so that original listings are retained and therefore list ranking is kept on eBay and Amazon? I've tried this before with a previous account and had many issues with product listings not linking back up to their original listing and as a result had to map over all 3rd Party Listings instead.

Thank you very much for any insight.

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Hey @neutrino - the platform is named Zoey Commerce and is based on Magento. The M2E Pro extension is identical, however, I'm unable to transfer database files as the back-end is completely closed, so I'll have to set-up M2E as new.

We have done this before with another client but had to map all 3rd Party Listings instead of having new listings match to pre-existing product listings on Amazon and eBay. This caused all sorts of problems with categories, item specifics, variations etc. So I'm just wondering if this is the only way or whether I have an alternative.  Thanks for your help.

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@MattSmithWell, I recommend you try to sort out this situation together with them because rush is not the best idea in such cases (in my opinion). Maybe, this is just some kind of misunderstanding. I am sure, together you will come up with the appropriate decision for you.

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