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Want to change magento product status

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I have listed my product on the eBay store from Magento 2 platform using the m2epro extension, but the product has 5 more custom status. so I want to change the product status when the order is placed on the eBay store and eBay hit the cron and decrease the inventory of the product at that time I want to change the product status also because my product has only 1Qty once sold then product will mark as sold in Magento. 

Please assist me, how I can achieve this.

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The extension will tell Magento about the eBay order and decrease the product quantity once an order is created in Magento. Though, it not the extension itself that updates the product status, that would be Magento. Magento would change the product status to out of stock once the product is sold out. 

If your Magento products are customized in some way, like there is a custom product status, it'd call for additional customization of the processes that you expect to comply with your catalog setup. I mean wouldn't that be an additional script in Magento rather than modification of the module running on top of your store? 

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