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I assume you have items listed on eBay and Amazon that you do not want to appear on your Magento store. There are two ways you can potentially deal with this.

1. Simply set the product Visibility in Magento  to 'Catalog Only', this will remove the item from your Magento Store search results. Then make sure no Categories are selected for the item, it will then no longer appear when a customer browses the categories on your Magento store. The product is essentially hidden, the only problem is that if the URL for the item is already in a search engine then it can still be discovered by a Google Search. You could change URL Key making sure that 'Create Permanent Redirect for old URL' is not selected. This will break the link that Google has making the item not found.

2. Alternatively create a dedicated marketplace store in Magento and link your M2ePro to that store instead of you main magneto store. Then when adding products to your magento store, you can select if an item appears in your main store an/or your marketplace store by checking the box Product in Websites that relates to the appropriate store.

The first option is fine if you just have a small number of items that you want to exclude from your Magento store, but the second option would be a better long term solution if you continually adding new products as it allows you to manage your marketplace and Magento stores separately but share a common product listing.

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