eBay Marketplace sync not bringing down updated categories


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In April, eBay made some major changes to categories, especially Women's Handbags and Bags. I sell a large number of items in this category.

Basically all of the subcategories were done away with and now everything lives directly in the parent category.  Heck, even the name changed and it's now Women's Bags & Handbags (169291) rather than Women's Handbags & Bags.

I've attempted to sync the Marketplaces Data several times, but to no avail. It says the update happened with no errors, but I'm still not showing the proper categories. Which means I simply cannot list Handbags. All current listings appear to have been moved by eBay during the category change. I can update those listings, I just can't add new ones. 

How can we get M2Epro to pull down the proper category list?

  • Magento OS/Community v2.2.1
  • Module v1.3.3 
  • PHP 7.0.29
  • MySQL 5.6.36
  • Log Results for Categories: The "Categories" Action for Marketplace: "United States" has been successfully completed.
  • Log Results for Details: "The Details" Action for Marketplace: "United States" has been successfully completed.


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