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[Magento2] v1.3.5 - 05.07.2018

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  • Added: New Cron Task which will try to create a Magento Order again after some time if initial creation was failed
  • Added: Ability to make M2e Pro compatible with the multi-stock QTY management
  • Added: Ability to create Credit Memo in Magento Invoice
  • Added: [Amazon] Added 'MSRP / RRP' field to Definition tab of Description template
  • Added: [Amazon] Ability to edit the "Recipient Name" field for Shipping Address in Order page
  • Improvement: Magento Order can be created even if Channel Order Item has zero price
  • Improvement: Reserve the Order quantity if Magento Order creation was failed
  • Improvement: Update Billing/Shipping addresses to a Magento Customer (during order creation)
  • Improvement: Significant improvements in the performance of 3rd Party Listings grids
  • Improvement: Send Magento location (cloud/personal) in Statistic data
  • Improvement: Implement usage of \Magento\CatalogInventory\Api\Data\StockItemInterface instead of \Magento\CatalogInventory\Model\Stock\Item
  • Improvement: [eBay] Ability to return Product Image URLs based on a configuration (http / https)
  • Improvement: [eBay] Try to get changes from eBay step by step, increasing the sinceDate, in order to prevent losing changes
  • Improvement: [eBay] Ignore spaces for Variation Attributes values
  • Improvement: [eBay] Write an additional log message when Order Items count have been modified on the channel (but Magento order is already created)
  • Improvement: [eBay] Ability to specify ProductReferenceID for each variation
  • Improvement: [eBay] Save online VariationDetails after a successful action to the channel
  • Improvement: [Amazon] Significant improvements of the performance of Repricing synchronization
  • Improvement: [Amazon] Log errors during repricing actions
  • Improvement: [Amazon] Ability to sort and filter Policies in "Assign policy grids" (Product Tax Code, Shipping, Description)
  • Fix: Exception when Variation Product becomes Simple in Magento
  • Fix: Filters by date are not working for specific locales (Grids)
  • Fix: Notice: "A non well formed numeric value encountered" appeared in the system logs (on the latest php versions)
  • Fix: "Notice: Undefined variable: prefix" if another extension uses Plugin for one of low-level Magento classes
  • Fix: Errors during processing were not logged to the system log
  • Fix: "Headers are already sent" message which appears during work of Cron Service
  • Fix: 'Middlename' field is not being filled during customer creating
  • Fix: The "Show Component Order" button is not being displayed (at the View Magento Order Page)
  • Fix: Tracking numbers for particular order items are not being sent to the channel
  • Fix: A newest logs records were not displayed in the Latest Actions widget (due sorting issues) if a not default user locale was set
  • Fix: Mistaken records in the listing log: "QTY was changed from 0 to -1" for configurable products (sometimes during orders creation)
  • Fix: "'m2epro_order_place_failure' is not a valid value of the atomic type 'eventName'" error if someone observes this event
  • Fix: "Translation not found: Another Synchronization Is Already Running." during a new listing creation process in some cases
  • Fix: MySQL Error "Duplicate column name 'price'" in the Grid of Adding Products (when filtering and sorting by price is used)
  • Fix: Removing Variation Product from Magento Catalog cause errors in some cases
  • Fix: Shipment was not created. Reason: SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1452 Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails in some cases
  • Fix: Incorrect working of QTY reservation feature in some cases
  • Fix: "Unable to serialize value" on saving an Account or a Policy (when "Add Secret Key to URLs" setting is enabled)
  • Fix: "No Such Entity With Cart ID xx" during Order creation (on Magento 2.1.x branch)
  • Fix: Thumbnails are not displaying (in some cases)
  • Fix: Attribute value is being used incorrectly (is escaped) when it contains HTML entities
  • Fix: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'count' in 'having clause' on editing some setting if Magento Version is 2.2.4
  • Fix: 'Magento Order was not created' error even if Magento Order was actually created in some cases
  • Fix: "Magento Order was not created: This product is out of stock." in some cases, if Magento version >= 2.2.0
  • Fix: Updating of Region ID of customer did not work during Order creation process
  • Fix: Different problems during quote building
  • Fix: [eBay] Channel errors related to MPN for Variation Items
  • Fix: [eBay] The recognizing of the already listed item by a UUID does not work (due to change of the error message format)
  • Fix: [eBay] Error message "Variation specific %value% used for pictures does not exist in variation specific set." occurred on Revise action in some cases
  • Fix: [eBay] Media gallery from eBay description policy is not sent to channel on auto-actions
  • Fix: [eBay] Specifics for recent eBay category don't load automatically in Settings view mode
  • Fix: [eBay] Wrong currency symbol is displayed on eBay order page in some cases
  • Fix: [eBay] Tracking numbers are not being sent to Channel in some cases
  • Fix: [eBay] "Notice: Undefined variable: onlineCurrentStr" on Listing View grid (in some cases)
  • Fix: [Amazon] The Count of Repricing Products for an Account is getting equal zero (mistakenly) sometimes
  • Fix: [Amazon] Carrier Code and Shipping Method were not sent during updating Tracking Information for Orders
  • Fix: [Amazon] Some Products marked as 'creator of ASIN/ISBN' after List Action mistakenly
  • Fix: [Amazon] Unable to save restock date for specific locales (DateTime::__construct(): Failed to parse time string)
  • Fix: [Amazon] Settings on Repricing tab of Account settings did not work in some cases
  • Fix: [Amazon] An order log message that a tracking number has been sent to the channel was not being recorded
  • Fix: [Amazon] "We can't save the address: Email has a wrong format" error on Magento Order creating
  • Fix: [Amazon] Removing Policies did not work
  • Fix: [Amazon] It is not possible to select a Description Policy for a Simple Product (with no required custom option)
  • Fix: [Amazon] Notice during manual ASIN search if the server connection is failed
  • Fix: [Amazon] Listings Log grid was not displayed in some cases
  • Fix: [Amazon] Javascript exception "ReferenceError Calendar is not defined" on editing Amazon Description Policy (if DateTime Specifics are used)
  • Removed: Support Magento Commerce and Open Source versions lower than 2.1.0
  • Removed: [eBay] Ability to open a gallery image in a new browser tab (custom description)

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