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Hi Guys, 

I've had m2E installed for about a week and it's giving me nightmares. A couple of issues. 

I previously had Codisto installed which was syncing about 5000+ products, and unfortunately had to remove the extension due to server issues. After installing M2E, I synced up the 3rd party listings and moved them over to the M2E Tab. After this was done, M2E started importing the same listings (now unmapped due to the SKUs already being in use) into the 3rd party tab and relisting them. Meaning I now have a load of duplicate listings in ebay. 

I've since disabled the relisting & revising settings in the configuration and attempted to stop all the duplicate listings sitting in the 3rd party tab. However each time I do that they resync shortly after and appear as listed again. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I've been having the same problem, although I don't have any 3rd party listings. Everything on my store has been imported using M2E but for some reason it selects products randomly from my upload batch and places them into 3rd party, which causes them to be constantly re-listed and now my account has been flagged by eBay. I tried to reach out a couple months ago to M2E but I don't have support as part of my plan and their fix wasn't exactly relevant to my problems

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You can disable import of the listings into the extension but it's good that you have your active inventory brought into M2E, isn't it? Just get the imported 3rd party listings mapped to the products in your Magento and move to M2E. It should save you a load of time. You won't be listing the same Magento products on eBay all over from scratch. You will just be listing new offers. 

A long time ago there used to be a synchronization running for the 3rd party listings but any more, the feature was removed in some of the old versions. So it's only after you have the 3rd party moved that M2E can update them, otherwise, the items just sit in the 3rd party listing. 

You sure it's set the way it should be? Try going through the account settings and the listing setup, maybe you'll see where the problem started. 


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