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How long does it take for Amazon orders to be imported into Magento?

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My Magento version is 2.2.5. We are using M2E Pro 2.0.

I recently checked 5 of our Amazon orders, and from those 5 orders, it seemed that it was taking about half-an-hour for Amazon orders to be imported into Magento.

I've looked through the M2E forums & documentation for information on the synchronisation lag but haven't been able to find anything apart from the following:

Does anyone have any more information on the synchronisation lag between Magento and Amazon, for Amazon orders?



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M2E Support told me on 12th November 2018, the following:



... The duration of 30min between time order was placed on Amazon and imported into M2E pro is normal. The duration depends on server resources adjusted for your system, health of the environment (errors that may occur in your system affects the work of automatic synchronization) and the response that Amazon returns. ...

The reference to 'server resources' is a reference to server resources on our server (server of M2E customer), such as for example the maximum execution time and memory limit.


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