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Magento 2.3

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Magento 2.3 introduces a new Multi-Source Inventory system that doesn't work properly with M2E Pro.

What is happening is that there is a new field in the product detail called 'Saleable Quantity', this is updated by Magento when an order is created instead of the 'Quantity' field. The trouble is that as previous versions of Magento only had the 'Quantity' field this is the value that is being used by M2E Pro to sync the inventory with ebay and Amazon.

The 'Quantity' field is not updated until an order is marked as dispatched, however an M2E Pro inventory update is not triggered by changes in the quantity when dispatched, it is only triggered by a change in quantity when an order/invoice is created. So the quantity is not reduced and the quantity remains at the old value on ebay.

So at the moment, although M2E Pro works for importing orders into Magento 2.3 the inventory sync is not currently working properly so anyone looking to upgrade are probably better off waiting until an update comes out for M2E Pro.

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