Ebay .m2e-gallery images stacking and not displaying horizontally

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We had not changed our description code at all and one day it started listing our images vertically within the description.

I am unaware of how to change this if it's a setting. I did go over our description policy code and there's no css directly affecting .m2e-gallery

I did apply a css change that should have worked (current code limits the width to 150px and so every image there after is confined to a 150px wide column essentially) and I had given it a wider width to work with. It worked for a few listings and seems to have recently reverted back to this vertical style. It's covering up words in our description again and is a bit of a nuisance. I've gone over the documentation, maybe not well enough, and I do not see anything related to this that would help me. Can anyone point me somewhere or give me a term to look into? Or is this not M2e related and an ebay issue somehow?


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