Migration from Magento1 to Magento2: What is the story?

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The documentation below on how to migrate from m1 to m2 seems to be incomplete.

The documentation mentions:


Note, if you use an external tool, make sure it does not modify the architecture of data identifiers (i.e. Order ID, Product ID, etc.) before to start the migration process. If the Product/Order IDs set in Magento v2.x during the data migration differ from those initially set in Magento v1.x, M2E Pro won't be able to process the data correctly.

But this is exactly what the "official" magento migration tool does. It changes the IDs of orders, products etc.    So what does m2epro recommend we do to migrate our data? Not use the official magento tool to migrate all the other data?   

Secondly, the documentation mentions that there are specific versions of the m1 and m2 modules that must be used, but it doesn't list them.



Note, the M2E Pro data transferring can be performed only from/to the particular Module versions for Magento v1.x and Magento v2.x accordingly. Only certain M2E Pro versions support the migration process.

Okay, so which versions of the modules do I need?    Why not just list the versions in the documentation rather than force your users to waste time jumping through hoops asking support.

Is there more complete documentation somewhere?


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@eggbert74 , these versions are for M1 and 1.2.1 for M2.

As for the tool, you just need to ensure that store, order and product ids will remain the same. Otherwise, you may get the mess in your inventory. As far as I remember, M2e guys always recommended our clients to use the standard Magento migration tool. Just check the data in Magento before the migration.

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