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Transfer Listings and data from Magento1 M2E Pro to another version of M1

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We're already using m2e pro on Magento 1 with many listings and history but we're doing a fresh build of Magento 1 (clean up and take out all old extensions etc) and we're looking to transfer all the data and listings from the current build to the new one.

Is this straight forward enough and will we retain full control over the listings?  We'd prefer them not to be 3rd Party Listings as they were created from Magento and m2e pro in the first place.

All stock data and settings in m2e pro will remain the same.

I've seen m1 > m2 transfers are possible so this surely must be?


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@JG`, you can do this, but there are a few IMPORTANT things you should remember about ?

- transfer not only M2E Pro tables but also Magento core tables (for example, you can use Magento backup tool or full MySQL dump)

- ensure that Products, Orders and Store IDs are exactly the same (!)

- M2E Pro and Magento versions must be the same in both installations

- and one more :) Obtain a new license key on M2E Pro Clients and copy that in Magento.

That's it :) 


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