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Need help upgrading M2ePro software to 6.5.4

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Hi I have had version 6.4.14 that I had installed from the marketplace:

I have never seen any update to this but today saw a pop up advising that there is a much newer version 6.5.4 availble. I have tried to uninstall the older version following the upgrade details here:

When i remove I get the following:

Starting to uninstall 9368ccaae140ae6b28ecd998XXXXXXd6/m2e+m2epro_ebay_magento 
Package 9368ccaae140ae6b28ecdXXXXXXXXXX6/m2e+m2epro_ebay_magento uninstalled
Package deleted: 
 9368ccaae140ae6b28ecdXXXXXX65d6 m2e+m2epro_ebay_magento

Cleaning cache
Cache cleaned successfully

(I have edited the above hash's and replaced chunks with XXXXXX for security

I have downloaded the latest 6.5.4 file using the link in that knowledgebase but when I try to install I get the following error in Connect Manager:

CONNECT ERROR: Package file is invalid
Invalid version, should be like: x.x.x
Invalid stability
Invalid channel URL
Empty authors section
Empty package contents section

Any ideas what the issue here could be?

I am running Magento 1.9.2 / M2ePro 6.4.14 and have PHP v7 if that helps?


Thanks in advance everyone

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