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I have several BIN's set up through M2e, with multiple Qty in stock.

Is it possible to change those BIN's to Auctions through M2e? or even send a qty to auction and leave the BIN with less stock?

How is the best way to do this?

Any advice appreciated.

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eBay does not let you change a fixed price listing to an auction by revising it, does it? I mean if your fixed price offer was submitted over two hours ago, you will need to stop and relist it as an auction. So if you change the listing duration in M2E, eBay will still expect you to relist your offer. 

Use m2e to control the qty you send to eBay regardless of the exact qty in your Magento shop, for example, by listing a custom qty or a conditional qty up to 10 items, etc.


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Thanks for your reply.

Do you think it is possible then to leave the BIN and create a seperate Auction listing for the same product?

and would it then, reduce the BIN Qty once the auction sells?

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